Monday, April 13, 2015

linocut Gano

People are perturbations.

Some of them are especially perturbing. Robert Gano is this poet. His poems are simple and dramatically cadenced: jackhammer, quicksand, catapult. They deconstruct meaning, turning ideas into objects both as an absurd commentary on an entitled generation and as a Buddhist meditation on assigned values. One senses that the message of his work reveals more about the reader than Gano himself, yet the poems are vulnerable and embarrassingly human.

His work does to context what ee's did to syntax.

Robert is featuring at Blue Monday poetry open mic tonight. You should be there.

[[ 4/13, 8 pm Arts Bar 3611 Broadway 64111 ... no cover]]

In the meantime, Robert is a constant inspiration to my art and companion to my braining. I made this linocut from a self-portrait photograph of/by Robert and combined it with an enjambed word.


This was the first enjambment which unlocked some of the deep coding I find in Gano's writing. Think of appointment, only. It implies that there exists a person to do the appointing, as well as the appointed thing. Then the action of dis-appointing a thing can be positive, the thing can cease being a concern. The enjambment also suggests that when you classically disappoint someone, it is a loss of status ... you lose the appointment.

anywhy, here is the thing, I did a run of 14.

the retired linoblock

my deeply cut finger, derp.

photos are fun

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